Work Management Platform

Designed and build work platform to optimize task allocation, prevent overload, and expedite data entry. Integrated with diverse systems for automation, resulting in impressive revenue growth and improved response times.

I was responsible for designing and implementing a work management platform to streamline work distribution. The aim was to ensure that the most efficient workers handle urgent tasks, prevent worker overload, and foster collaboration. Additionally, the system aimed to minimize the use of physical forms to expedite data entry and restrict physical material handling to only the archive staff apart from distributors. This would ensure medical and life-related information to be timely updated, allowing seamless billing and accounting reports for policies.

This platform integrates with other assignment control platforms from different departments and enables automation to increase response times for customers. The company achieved remarkable growth in revenue of up to 35% for international products and a 22% customer response times increase after the implementation of the tools.

Tech stack: Angular, TypeScript, Node.js, Nestjs, Sequelize, MySQL, Automated Testing, ESLint, Sentry monitoring, Client-Server Architecture, API-based, Monolithic, CI/CD Pipeline for automated containerized deployment.