System Migration

Contribute to a successful migration of 90.1% legacy app users to extensible web application using Node.js, React.js, PostgreSQL, and AWS services. Streamlined data handling, optimized cost efficiency, and improved product management in 6 months.

The project goal was to migrate one million users from a legacy desktop application to a new web application built with extensibility in mind that would allow integration with different departments. The migration involved performing massive data readings from various CSV file structures, restructuring the data, caching it for pre-visualization on the page, and writing the accepted data into a PostgreSQL database. The project aimed to be cost-efficient in AWS cloud environments and utilized Node.js for development.

The project's estimated time was approximately 6 months to complete, considering the complexity and the volume of data to be migrated.

My Responsibilities:

My main role was to contribute to the CSV service, the functionalities of the new web application, and the integration with AWS services.

This project result was a successful migration of 90.1% of users from the legacy app, using Node.js & AWS services. Optimized data handling and achieve cost efficiency. Improved product and user management.

Tech Stack: Node.js, React.js, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, AWS Lambdas, AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, Docker.